Friday, May 14, 2021

the little answer book Is For You

Do you have someone in your family who once walked with God, but no longer do? Someone who at one time went to and was active in their church, but today they say they are not even sure if God is real? Or, do you know someone for whom these things are true?

If so, the little answer book is a resource which will help you have thoughtful, reasonable conversations . . . when they ask questions or are willing to talk about it.

This little book looks at four of life's most important questions -

  1. is God real?
  2. what about science and God?
  3. if God is real, is He good?
  4. is the Bible true?
We do not have to be scientists, theologians, philosophers, or apologists to have important conversations with the ones we love, but we do need to know some key information. the little answer book will help you learn this key information. Get your copy at this link - and ask your church to make it available for all parents and grandparents (information at this link), so you are all able to have these essential conversations with the ones you love.

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