Monday, June 21, 2021

Get Out, Enjoy the Summer with the Alevo Alu!

A month ago I wrote about how summer was nearly upon us and shared about the Alevo Alu rollator. Today I want to take time to write about this rollator again as summer is here and this rollator will "open the door" for you to get out and enjoy the warmer weather and longer days - well, at least the days stay light for longer. Covid restrictions have mostly been removed for those who have their shots and your grandchildren are enjoying their summer vacation - and may be at your home more often. All these things mean it is the perfect time to get out and enjoy summer with the ones you love!

If you find you are having difficulty getting around whether due to a medical issue or age, but want to be able to get out and enjoy the summertime, consider getting a rollator to help you do so! (If you do not know what a rollator is, picture a walker with wheels.)

Happily, rollators are available which look far more sleek than just a walker with wheels, They come in many styles and colors - some are downright snazzy! Which brings me to what I want to write about today . . . the Alevo Alu Rollator! I was sent one Alevo Alu Rollator to review and today I am very happy to let you know all about it.

This is the third rollator I have owned - I have MS and there are times when a rollator comes in handy. The first was a regular, typical rollator - the type you most often see being used here in America. The second was from a company by the name of Drive and this rollator was styled with a European style. The Alevo Alu follows the European style, but takes the design to an entirely new level.

I love the look of the Alevo Alu - especially in the lovely Midnight Blue color. It is sleek, stylish, and yes,

snazzy. I appreciate how stable it makes me feel as it rolls so smoothly over the ground - whether it is through the grass in my yard, the pavement in a parking lot, or the floor in the store. I especially love the design they put into the handles - very comfortable and stable to hold, and how they put the brake cables inside the rollator so I won't snag them on anything. The bag which is included, has handles and is removable - very handy. When I'm finished using the rollator, it folds by pulling up on the seat handle and stores away simply.

The Alevo Alu is made from aluminum which makes it much lighter to lift in and out of our car. Bischoff & Bischoff (makers of the Alevo Alu) says; "The ALEVO ALU foldable lightweight

roller is the all-rounder for everyday requirements. Whether at home, out shopping or walking, it ensures safety and comfort. The ALEVO ALU’s low weight of only 6.3 kg* | 13.88 pounds guarantees excellent everyday usability. The premium rollator impresses with its modern aluminum construction and iconic silver triangle design on the flanks. Reflectors integrated into the frame and brake cables fitted inside the frame provide a purist appearance. In addition, cable snagging is prevented. A double cross strut with dual locking device gives the ALEVO ALU maximum stability. Ergonomic handles offer a secure grip. The push handles with parking brake can be adjusted to the respective body height."

Every aspect of the Alevo Alu shows careful attention to quality, detail, and performance was taken into account in the crafting of this rollator. (It was designed by Porsche.)

I highly recommend the Alevo Alu - if you, or someone you know, is in need of a rollator to help them feel more stable, secure, and safe when they walk, then absolutely take a serious look at the Alevo Alu - it is excellent and definitely worth every penny. (You will find it at this link.)

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