Tuesday, June 29, 2021

grandma's new bug spray!

I have MS and Lupus . . . which means, I tend to experience pain on a regular basis. I do not want to take pain-killers for several reasons, but mostly because they make me sleep and I do not want to sleep away my life and, because I know it is far, too easy for people to become addicted to pain-killers. So, I tend to just push through and try to ignore the pain - some times this is easier than others.

But recently I learned about essential oils. I thought they might be worth a try - at the worst, they do nothing and I could have spent the money better. At the best, they help! I mixed some almond oil with a little peppermint essential oil and another mixture of almond oil and orange essential oil. I put these on my knees and the pain truly stops! I am impressed!

So, I wondered if there might be other ways for me to use essential oil and discovered the following recipe I'm going to share with you today for bug spray . . . it is summer after all! So far my family is happy with my essential oil bug spray.

You will find the recipe at this link - I like how it uses essential oils.

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