Saturday, June 19, 2021

Make a Remarkable Impact

We grandmas, and grandpas, have the remarkable opportunity to hand down confident faith to the children He has placed into our lives. And as grandparents, we are able to make a significant impact on their lives - if we take the action to do so.

Grandchildren remember grandparents who are involved in their lives. I remember my grandparents - I was blessed to grow up a couple blocks from one set of grandparents, and to live next-door in the summer to my other set of grandparents. I remember going to church with them, seeing them read their Bibles, and listening to them pray. I remember fishing with my grandparents, playing Rook with them, and learning from both grandmas how to cook. 

Our grandchildren will remember the things we did with them long after we are gone. They will remember the things we told them. They will remember the things - and people - who are important to us. Oh yes, we are absolutely able to build a strong relationship with our grandchildren and impact their lives - if we choose to be involved. Be involved and make a remarkable impact upon their lives.

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