Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The "Role" of Grandma - Be a "Mirror"

I am writing today about the "role" of grandma, but, I do want to say, this "role" is also for grandpas and parents, too. It is one of the "roles" for grandparents and parents - the two most influential people in the lives of the children we love, but since I'm a grandma, I am writing this from the perspective of a grandma.

The way a grandparent sees their grandchildren is the way the grandchildren will see themselves. We are a mirror, of sorts, to help our grandchildren see themselves as God sees them - oh so loved and valued!

I know this is true with my grandsons. I call them my, "sweet boys". One time, a few years ago, when we were having some work done in our bathroom to replace the tub, a contractor came to give an estimate when the boys were here. Caleb, age three at the time, walked right up to the contractor and said; "I'm grandma's sweet boy!" then he pointed to his younger brother, Shane, and said, "And so is he!" Caleb heard me call him my, "sweet boy" so often, he introduced himself - and his brother - as such. He sees himself as sweet, and valued - and he is!

Often when the boys are at my house I tend to tell them something along the lines of; "God wanted to give me a special and wonderful gift, so He gave me you! He decided to make you a boy with twinkly blue eyes and He made you to be a bit of a rascal! God knew I would love you forever . . . and I absolutely do!" Then I tell them I am so, SO very thankful for the gift God gave me when He gave them to their parents, because when He did, He also gave them to their poppa and me! The boys' eyes just twinkle as they listen to me say these things.

I tell my grandsons they are loved, wanted and treasured by me and even more so by God - which amazes them to think anyone could love them more than their grandma! I want them to know and believe they are loved and treasured by me and more importantly by God. So, since it is part of my "role" as grandma to give them this view of themselves, I am intentional about doing so.

So, what view of your grandchildren do you give them? Do you see being a "mirror" which gives them a positive view of themselves as part of your "role" as grandma? Why, or why not? What do you consider to be the "role" of grandma?

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