Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Be Committed to the Truth

Telling the truth is something which matters to God - enough so, it is one of the Ten Commandments - do not lie. As grandmas (and grandpas/ parents) who interact with the children we love, telling the truth is one of the things we require of them. They grow up knowing we want them to tell the truth - and watching us tell the truth as well. Being truthful matters.

But, if we do not tell the truth, if we support and stand up for those who do not tell the truth, or worse, if we spread lies, not only are we personally going against what God asks of us, but we are setting an example for the children we love which undermines everything we may do to try to hand down confident faith. We must, absolutely MUST be people who are committed to telling the truth. This is true because not doing so impacts our own walk with God, AND because the ones we love are watching.

If we post things to our social media about politics, political figures, covid, the vaccine, or any other things which are not true, the ones we love will see these posts, they will recognize things which are not true, and they will question if God really matters to us. They will question if the things we told them about God are true. We pay a HUGE price when we do not commit to be people who hold up the truth - at ALL times. We must not support people who lie. We must not spread lies. We must check things to see if they are true before we post them to social media. We must believe and tell the truth. It matters for us and for the ones we love.

So, be a person who is committed to the truth - in all areas and at all times.

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