Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Grandparents are "Thick Bark" - We Have a Purpose

Yesterday I posted about how the trees which burned in the Carr Fire survived; some had thick bark which protected them, others needed the fire to cause the seeds to grow, and still others had roots which were protected underground and once the fire was extinguished, new trees sprouted from these roots. I wrote about the parallels to our lives and walk with God; "But God knew what He was doing when He created us, too. He put us in families. God planned for families to be the primary method through which confident faith is handed down to children. God planned for grandparents to have purpose and gave us the job - and great joy - of handing down confident faith on purpose to our grandchildren."

"When you see 'fires' burning in the lives of those you love, do not lose hope. Yes, it will be difficult and painful to watch as they make choices which bring destruction to their lives, but God offers His grace. He promises to plant, give new hearts and to bring back those who wander."

I said; "But God had an eye to the future and knew what He was doing."

The same is true in relation to our grandchildren. Just as God put a thick bark on some of the trees which cover the mountains out West which protects the trees from fire, He put our grandchildren in families with grandparents who are there to help them grow strong as they learn to know, love, and follow Jesus with confidence.

We grandparents are like a "thick bark", of sorts and just like the thick bark on the trees have a purpose, we too have a purpose; a very important purpose. We are needed to protect our grandchildren and help them survive the "fires" of life, so they are able to continue to grow strong. 

And if we see our grandchildren (or children) have been "burned" by life and the decisions they make, we need to remember and hold tightly to the truth of God's Word - we are not able to "make" our children and grandchildren choose wisely, but we are able to point them in the right directions knowing God's Word does accomplish what He plans for it to accomplish. He sent Jesus to draw ALL people to Him; the lost, those who are wandering, and those who walk with Him. ALL people. God has an eye to the future and knows what He is doing.

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