Thursday, July 15, 2021

Hand Down Confident Faith with Blue Dragons, Red Pandas, Hoopoes & More!

Certainly as Christian grandparents (and parents, too) we want the ones we love to make the choice to love, know, and walk with God. Our faith matters to us, and we want the ones we love to have a faith in God which matters to them as well. So, we take them to church, we pray at home, we talk about God, we read our Bibles, we try to live in ways which show our faith is real, because it matters to us to hand down confident faith.

However; studies by the Barna Group show us we are losing the next generation of church "kids" (Gen Z) to atheism at double the rate of any previous generation. If this does not get your attention, then please read the sentence again and think about it. (You will find the Barna report at this link.)

So, what do we do? Well, when I thought about this question last year, I decided to do something - I started writing the Life on the Goldilocks Planet book series. I looked at the world around me and saw God's "fingerprints" everywhere I looked, so I decided to find some animals which showed God's design, so I could share what I learned with my grandsons. I want them to have a confident faith, so doing nothing - or even what I had been doing was not enough. I want them to have CONFIDENT faith, and God's creation is a great way to find a confident faith!

I initially thought I'd write two or three books . . . MAYBE five, but now, one year later, I am finishing up book eleven and have just one more to go to complete the series! Yes, when it is complete, there will be twelve books - each with at least twelve animals, maps of where they live, full color photos, fun facts which will surprise you, activities to engage children, Bible verses, and quotes from scientists which will give you much to talk about with the ones you love about why you are able to believe God is real and trust Him with confidence!

While there are not many resources out there with a focus upon helping you equip your grandchildren with the "whys" - why they are able to believe in God with confidence - the Life on the Goldilocks Planet is one such resource which will help you do exactly this. Over the coming days I will highlight the books in this series - choose at least one and help the ones you love have a confident faith!

Blue Dragons, Red Pandas, Hoopoes & More! is a multi-purpose book. While it makes an ideal gift for the children you love, it is also a curriculum resource which will equip grandparents and parents as they strive to hand down confident faith. 

Children will enjoy the photos, fun facts, and activities in this book, while grandparents and parents will appreciate the information provided which will equip them to encourage a confident faith in the children they love. 

If we want the children we love to have a confident faith, we need to teach them the "whys" - why they are able to believe God is real and trust Him with confidence. This book will help you with this, our most important "job" as grandparents and parents. In Blue Dragons, Red Pandas, Hoopoes & More! you will find the following animals - Carrier Crabs & Fire Urchins, Okapis, Koalas, Honey Bees, Platypuses, Sloths, Narwhals, Blue Dragons, Manatees, Hoopoes, Hummingbird Bobtail Squids, and Red Pandas. Which of these have you never heard of before? 

Plus, if you would like to equip the parents and grandparents in your church to hand down confident faith, I have special prices for the digital copies when a church uses it with their families. You will find all the info about this at the following link.

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