Thursday, July 1, 2021

just for fun - It is International Joke Day!

 If your grandchildren are like my grandchildren, they enjoy a good joke! Or even a joke which does not particularly make sense - as is often the case with an young children! I love to watch them laugh their heads off when they tell a joke they made up . . . which typically is not all that funny, but their delight at telling their own joke definitely brings a smile to my face!

So, since today is International Joke Day, I thought it would be fun to share a few jokes with you which you could share with your grandchildren!
  • Q. What dog can jump higher than a building?
    A. Anydog, buildings can't jump!  (I know my Josiah is going to LOVE this one!)
  • Q. Why did the elephant paint himself different colors                                           A. So he could hide in the crayon box
  • Q. WHERE CAN YOU FIND AN OCEAN WITH NO WATER?                                             A. ON A MAP
  • Q. Why was the skeleton laughing?
    A. Because of it's funny bone
  • Q. What is the most tired part of your car?                                                             A. The exhaust pipe
Enjoy International Joke Day and bring some laughter to those around you!

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