Tuesday, July 6, 2021

More of My Resources to Help & Equip

I have been writing this blog for ten years. Over these many years grandma's cookie jar has been read by many - currently we are listed in the top 50, most read "grandma" blogs by FeedSpot. This means a fair number of people read what I write.

Over the years I have written about how it is essential for grandmas (and grandpas/parents/churches) to hand down confident faith to the children they love. Even if the children you love are at church every time the doors are open, they will only be there three to five hours a week - since there are 168 hours in a week, three to five are not many hours. And, since we know many children are only at church every other week, or only attend the mid-week service, we know they are at church for even fewer hours.

This does not mean the church is not able to effectively impact their lives, but it is more challenging. If grandparents - and parents - hand down confident faith at home, and our church teams up with us, we are able to impact the lives of the children we all love in a more impactful way.

If you read my blog, you have been able to get short "snippets" of what I believe about equipping parents/ grandparents so together we are able to hand down confident faith. So, if you would like to be able to read more about what I believe when it comes to these things, then I recommend checking out my Author Page on Amazon where you will find all the books I have written - some to teach and some for parents/grandparents/churches to use with the children they love. You will find it at this link - and please, if you read/buy/use any of these resources, please take a minute to write a review - even just a couple sentences. Thank you!

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