Thursday, July 15, 2021

Please Get Your Shot

The past year and a half has been challenging, even difficult for so many. There has been so much uncertainty for everyone, and so much sadness for many. We believers prayed and asked God for help - and we ended up with a vaccine which protects all who receive it from covid - seems like an answer to prayer to me.

Many of us went and got our shot - but many still have not. The people who now die in the USA, are people who have not received their shot. With the delta variant spreading, more and more unvaccinated people are dying. And, our grandchildren are now getting sick. More children are in hospitals on life-support. This does not have to happen.

Today I am am joining the voices asking others to get their shot. My husband and I, our grown children, and oldest grandson are all vaccinated and we are looking forward to the day when our youngest grandchildren are able to get their shots. Please get your shot and ask the ones you love to do the same.

We have a responsibility to ourselves, the ones we love, and the people in our community to be people who get the shot. This is how we stop covid - we get the shot. It is safe (they have been working on the shot for decades - check out this link.) It works. They will not "chip" you if you get the shot. It will not make people sterile. This is not - at least should not be - a political issue - it is a health issue. Please believe the truth and join me and get your shot - and ask others to do the same.

Please do not use excuses - "I don't get shots", "Covid is just like the flu", "I've been fine so far" - none of these are legitimate excuses and the second one is not even the truth. As grandmas (grandpas/parents, too) we have an opportunity to set the example, to show our love for others, to do the right thing - please get your shot.

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