Saturday, July 10, 2021

Pray, Believe, Remember, Educate Yourself, Follow the Right Example, & Be Proactive

Are you a grandma (or grandpa/ parent) whose grown children and/or grandchildren are walking with God? Do the ones you love hold on to their faith in Jesus and you are able to see how they are growing in their walk? If so, rejoice, but know this, all it takes is one hurt, one difficult situation to cause them to question their faith and turn away. While we are able to rejoice when the ones we love walk with God, we must not ever think nothing will ever change. We must not ever stop sharing the truth so they are able to have a confident faith, as the truth is for so many grandparents and parents this does change.

Are you a grandma (or grandpa/parent) whose grown children and/or grandchildren are no longer walking with God? While it may seem like there is nothing you are able to say or do to change this, there are things you are able to do. You are able to pray, you are able to continue to educate yourself so you are equipped to answer questions, and you are able to live a life which models the love God offers. Let's look at these things more closely . . . 

  1. First of all, pray. Yes, this is something all grandparents/ parents do for the ones they love, but if you pray, and pray, and pray, you must be certain to also do the next step - believe.
  2. It is essential for you to believe the truth - God has promised to hear and answer your prayers. This means when you are able to see Him work, you believe! But it also means when you do not see how He is working, you continue to believe. You do not know what He is doing to bring people into their lives who love Him and are able to influence the ones you love. You do not know the conversations they are having. You do not know how your example is impacting them. But you do know you are able to believe - so believe!
  3. Remember, Jesus said He came to draw ALL people to Him - this means those who have not yet believed AND draw those back to Him who once believed. Remember and hold on to this fact.
  4. Educate yourself. Read books and resources which help you know the "whys". Equip yourself so you know how to answer their questions when they ask them. I HIGHLY recommend the book - The Language of Science and Faith by Karl Gibberson and Francis Collins. Barna's studies tell us one reason the ones we love turn from their faith is because they think they are not able to believe in God and believe science. This just is not true. Educate yourself and learn the truth about how God and science do go together!
  5. Take to heart the example of the father of the Prodigal Son. When his son left his faith and his home, this father did not disown his son. He did not argue with his son. He did not give up on his son. He did not run after his son and beg him to return. He trusted God to work in his son and he watched daily for his son to return. Yes, be ready to have conversations with the ones you love - but do this when they ask the questions. Do not "hit them over the head" with the truth. Follow the example of the father of the prodigal son or you may end up chasing the ones you love away. Do NOT listen to people who have never even been grandparents who tell you to get in the faces of the ones you love who have wandered - follow the right example.
  6. Finally be proactive. If your grandchildren and grown children currently believe, equip them with the "whys" now. Help them learn why they are able to believe, now. Make it a priority to help them learn why they are able to believe, so when they face difficult times - and they will - or when someone hurts them - and someone will - or they hear things which may make them doubt, they will instead know the "whys" and hold on to their faith. Check out the Life on the Goldilocks Planet book/curriculum series and the little answer books for resources to help you teach the "whys".
Don't give up if the ones you love turn from their faith and be proactive with the ones who are walking with God. There is nothing more important you will ever do as a grandparent/ parent.

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