Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Water Balloons - 20 Fun Ideas!

Here are 20 water balloon games to keep your kids busy this summer.My grandsons enjoy water-balloons - or at least throwing them at family members! So, this morning when I was browsing on Pinterest and found a pin for 20 fun Water Balloon games, I just had to check it out and knew I also had to share it with you!

I will definitely be buying more water balloons . . . and expect we will try the water balloon hunt, I already know my grandsons love the water balloon piƱata, and I'm quite certain they will have great fun using our water balloon launcher! Whatever we do, I'm certain I will end up with completely soaked boys and there will be lots of laughing! 

I am also happy to let you know about something I found out about . . . 
Magic Balloons! Fill a Bunch in a Minute! With this set, you are able to fill and tie 100 balloons in just a few minutes! If you want to give them a try - check this link out!

You'll find the full list and all the details at this link. What water balloon fun sounds like something you might try with your grandchildren this summer?

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