Sunday, August 22, 2021

Fun with Grandsons - Handprint Shirts

With back-to-school sales, it is the perfect time to grab some simple, black t-shirts. Why you ask? They are perfect for making handprint t-shirts - just grab some fluorescent  paints and you are ready to have some fun making special shirts!

With the paint you could make handprints on the front and footprints on the back . . . or let them paint their own "designs" with the prints . . . since it will be their shirts.

Do you make handprint or footprint shirts with your grandchildren? I have a shirt with handprints from when my own children were little . . . my grandsons have used it as a nightshirt when they were younger. I love it because it "froze" a moment in time . . . I can look at those little handprints and remember when my children were little . . . a long time ago!

Whether you have made handprint t-shirts before, or not, consider making some with your grandchildren - it will be fun now, and bring memories for years to come!

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