Monday, August 16, 2021

I am in Favor of Celebrating!

Image result for clipart for milestonesThroughout my grandsons' lives we have celebrated mile-stones in their lives - such as when they were potty-trained, started school, and when they started in the Middle School Ministry. Milestones are excellent opportunities to celebrate! 

Some years ago I researched child slavery for an article I was writing and I learned one of the biggest ways those who prey on children build relationships with them, is by celebrating those children. These horrible people act like they care about a child, pay attention to them, and even listen to them talk for hours. They do all this to get a child to believe they really care about them.

As my grandchildren grow up I want them to know beyond a shadow of a doubt their family loves and celebrates them! When an adult pays attention to them, I want it to be their grandparents/parents. When an adult listens to them, I want it to be their grandparents/parents. When an adult celebrates them and the mile-stones in their lives, I want it to be their grandparents/parents

So, yes, it may be a bit "silly" to celebrate the mile-stone of being potty-trained, or seem like not that big of a deal for them to move through school, but my grandsons will grow up not only knowing, but experiencing how loved and celebrated they are by their family. They will have memories of being loved and celebrated by us.

Today we are celebrating . . . my oldest grandson will be thirteen in a month, so he, his dad, and his poppa are doing something special together - going to his favorite restaurant and to a jazz concert - he loves jazz. The men in the family are celebrating this special milestone together of him becoming a teen. 

Next week, my middle grandson and his poppa and I are going to his favorite restaurant together - he is entering Middle School Ministry this year. He will receive a Bible from us and we will celebrate this milestone together. In both cases, fun will be had! Memories will be made! Most importantly, my grandsons will experience how very deeply they are loved as we celebrate these big mile-stones with them!

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