Sunday, August 15, 2021

It's Our Job to Obey What God Has Decided

As grandmas it is our "job" to pray and hand down confident faith - we know this and it is our joy to do so. It is also our "job" to love our grandchildren - and certainly we fell in love with them the very first time we saw and held them. Loving our grandchildren is the easiest "job" we will ever have.

We are happy to pray, hand down confident faith, and love our grandchildren, and know at least the basics of what these things involve, but today I want to think about a time when it may be possible we will also have to speak up for our grandchildren.

Do your grandchildren go to your church? If they do, this is a blessing and you have much for which to be thankful. What is your church's Children's Ministry like? Does it engage the children in learning about God? Do your grandchildren enjoy going to church and want to do so?

These questions matter, because we want our grandchildren to know God, Jesus, and the Bible are not boring. Certainly we pray for our grandchildren to want to love, know, and walk with God, and when we hand down confident faith, we do everything we are able to do to engage our grandchildren and help them learn how amazing God, Jesus, and the Bible are; and why they want to love, know, and walk with Him.

While it is not the job of our church to be the primary people who hand confident faith to our grandchildren, our church is able to come alongside us and be another voice speaking truth, encourage us as we hand down confident faith, and reinforce what we are doing to hand down confident faith. But, if the Children's Ministry does not engage our grandchildren, they may instead end up making our job more difficult.

Think about it. God created our grandchildren. He, and He alone is the One Who decided each and every detail about our grandchildren - including how they learn. Now some of our grandchildren learn by watching and hearing. These children do well in classes where the teacher does the teaching. 

But, God has also created some of our grandchildren to learn by touching, talking, moving, and discovering. These children do not do well in classes where the teacher does the teaching, as they need to be engaged in an active way in the learning process.

Both of these ways to learn are "good", because God created children to learn both of these ways. It is reasonable to believe, if God created children to learn by doing - and we know He did - then He expects us, and the teachers in their classes at church - to teach them about Him in ways which engage them. 

If we insist on making our grandchildren sit and listen to learn as we hand down confident faith, we are putting our grandchildren who God created to learn by doing, into a "box" in which they do not "fit" and we are running the huge risk of having them decide the Bible is boring and then choose to tune us out. The same thing happens at church if the teachers insist on teaching the children in lecture-type settings.

What we, and the church, have to teach our grandchildren is far, far too important for us to fail because we did not obey God by teaching our grandchildren the way He decided they should learn. Yes, sadly, there are times when we adults disobey God and pay a huge price for doing so. Our grandchildren get "tagged" as, "disruptive", "naughty", or even "bad", when they were not created by God to listen and learn. Yes, they are able to learn to sit and obey, but if we want them to truly learn, we need to obey what God has decided and teach them with activity.

So, we grandmas need to be sure we hand down confident faith to our grandchildren in the ways they learn. (Check out my "Mystery Bags" posts as they will give you ways to do this.) And, we need to speak up at our church if our grandchildren are part of a Children's Ministry which is trying to put them in a "box" in which God did not intend for them to "fit". It is part of our "job".

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