Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Let's Put Covid Behind Us - Wear Our Mask & Get Our Shot

I did an informal poll of churches in my area and I was only able to find one church which is requiring masks in their building. I am not able to express how disappointed I am with the leadership and members of churches. Covid/delta is continuing to kill people. Children are starting to fill hospitals across our country - and are being put on ventilators. This did not need to happen and does not need to continue to happen. If everyone would have gotten their shot when they met the criteria, delta would not have even happened. (Watch the interview at this link with Dr. Francis Collins - Director of the National Institute of Health - for the facts.)

I am asking you to get your shot if you have not already done so. This is for yourself, the ones who love you (so you don't give it to them and they don't have to bury you), and for the people in your community. I am also asking you to ask the people you know to get their shot - they may listen to you.

And, wear your mask when you go into buildings where there are a lot of people (like a church), even if you are vaccinated as the delta variant is able to be spread even by people who have their vaccine. Plus, since children under twelve are not yet able to be vaccinated, they NEED us to get our shots and wear masks until they are able to get their shot.

Finally, ask your church to require masks - at least in the Children's Ministry. If enough of us ask our churches to step up and protect the children, they very well may start to do so.

This is NOT about politics. This is about public health and the safety of the children we love. We must speak out, share this post, and do our part by getting our shot and wearing a mask. When we do, we will finally be able to put covid behind us.

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