Sunday, August 1, 2021

On This Day

On Facebook there is a "tab" which is titled, "Memories". I love this tab as each day it takes me back to things I posted on this day in previous years. I get to see photos from the past, read things I wrote about which happened in the past and enjoy the memories all over again!

Today's post made me laugh - all over again as I clearly laughed two years ago when it happened. So, today I thought I'd share with you what happened, "Memories" at this grandma's house.
Conversation with Caleb - me - "Caleb, did you wash your hands after catching the frog, before eating supper?" Caleb - "No, but nothing tasted like frogs." Then he looked thoughtful and asked; "What do frogs taste like, anyway?"  I know, I should have been sure he washed his hands, but I was distracted and forgot (bad grandma), but I guess he will survive! 
So, what happened at your house, what are your "Memories"?

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