Monday, September 20, 2021

Be Encouraged & Don't Give Up

Don't you just love it when your grandchildren try something new, stick with it, and are able to experience the joy which comes from doing this? 

My oldest grandson chose to learn the saxophone a few years ago. He caught on right away, is looking forward to being in the jazz band at school next year, and loves playing his saxophone. His band teacher even calls him, "Mr. Saxophone"! My middle grandson went on a bike ride/race with his dad this past weekend in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was his first time to try something like this and he rode 20 miles, climbed more than 2000 feet, didn't quit (even though professional bikers say this is the most difficult course for a one-day race in the USA) and may even be the youngest rider who has ever completed the course! He was so happy when he reached my house and told me about the race! My youngest grandson completed the entire school year last year at home due to covid. This year he is back in class - he was concerned he wouldn't be able to do the things he needed to do at school, but he loves school! He is having a great time making friends, learning more math - his favorite class - and is at the top of his class in his testing. He is so happy to know he is able to do well at school!

Of course my grandsons doing well at school, learning new things, trying new things, and learning they are able to do well are all things I pray about for them; being able to watch as God answers these prayers is an absolute gift. And, it encourages me to not give up on the important prayers I am still waiting for God to answer.

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