Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Free Books to Enjoy with Your Grandchildren

One of the things we want to do on this blog is to let you know about resources you are able to use to equip yourself in handing down the faith as well as resources you are able to give to or use with your grandchildren. Today I am so happy and honored to let you know about a couple wonderful books for children, written by a sweet friend, Angels All Around and Angels on Guard. These books are free on Amazon - yes free!

Christa Kinde is someone with the most amazing imagination and a true gift for writing. Her books are engaging and a lot of fun. 

Angels All Around (Threshold Series Prequel) by [Christa Kinde]The first one is Angels All Around and you will find it for free at this linkThe prequel to the popular Threshold Series by Christa Kinde, Angels All Around is an illustrated short story set in a small town where not everyone is what they seem. Amidst the chaos and confusion, will a new divine Messenger become one little girl’s prince, and a fledgling Guardian become their knight; or will evil take its hold? Includes a bonus first chapter from  Book #1 in the Threshold series, The Blue Door!

Angels on Guard (Threshold Series) by [Kinde, Christa J.]Angels on Guard is another of Christa's books - which is also free. You will find it at this linkEven after three years, the guardian angel understood only part of what it meant to watch over one precious life. The rest he learned on the day he almost lost her. In this free illustrated companion story to the Threshold Series, scars are bared, fears begin and end, and angels fall. Includes a bonus chapter from Book #1 in the Threshold series, The Blue Door! 

Check these books out and consider downloading them to enjoy with your grandchildren.

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