Friday, September 10, 2021

Using Bacon

Do you have things in your life which you think you will never use? Things you had to learn or do, mostly when you were younger? Well I do . . . or at least I did, until one morning a few years back.

When I was in eighth grade, there were two English teachers. One made her class really work to learn the parts of speech and grammar. The other focused more on drama. The first one always gave lots of homework and had lots of tests. The other, not so much. I ended up in the class where the focus was on drama, and, at the time as a thirteen year old, I was pretty happy about it.

In my eighth grade year I learned important things in my drama . . . I mean, English class. I learned to act like a balloon blowing up. I learned to act like a rag doll, I made beaver pudding puppets and put on a play . . . and I learned to act like bacon frying. As I said, "important" things.

I did not really think I'd ever use any of these things in my life, but then one day I did! My oldest grandson was acting like a variety of things which he wanted me to guess . . . I was not guessing them very well, until he made a sizzling sound and moved in a way I recognized! I said, "You are a piece of bacon frying!!!" He looked very surprised and said I had correctly guessed!

I explained to him how I knew and he agreed with me, while the drama class may have been more fun, the English class would have been a better, more important class to be in at the time.

I shared this story with you this morning to encourage you . . . you never know when you will need to know the things you learned throughout your lives with your grandchildren . . . even how to act like a piece of bacon frying! And, you never know what you will use from your past experiences - even a junior high English - Drama class.

Enjoy your day!

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