Friday, October 8, 2021

Bible Match it Link It - & Special Discount Offer

I'm happy today to let you know about another game from Bible Games Central - Bible Match it Link It. This game does not give an age for children to play, but depending on the child, I think most four year olds and up will be able to play at least one of the four ways you are able to play with this game.

Favorite Features -

  • Four games in one box
  • Games are fun and simple to play - just identify and match images
  • Encourages playing fair and having fun
  • Includes Bible story cards to help children remember Bible 
Bible Games Central says; "Bible Match It Link It is played with 57 unique octagonal tiles. Each tile has eight images, one on each edge of the octagon. On any 2 Bible Match It Link It tiles, there is always 1 (and only 1) matching image. The 4 exciting ways to play Bible Match It Link It are all super easy learn: Match It like 'Snap!' then Link It like 'Dominoes'."

Fun, active games children will enjoy - learn more at this link and receive a coupon code you may use on GAMES20 This gives you a 20% storewide discount and expires on Dec 10 2021.

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