Monday, October 4, 2021

Book Review - I Found Jesus!

In the box of books I received the other day from Sterling Children's Books, I found the book, I Found Jesus! by Theresa Richter and illustrated by Michael Orth. This fun and interesting book is a great gift for any grandchild and a great book to have at any grandparent's house!

Favorite Features -

  • Detailed, interesting, and fun illustrations.
  • Combination of information about where Jesus lived, the time in which He lived, life during the time Jesus lived and 13 find Jesus settings/accounts.
  • Bonus items to find on each of the 13 find Jesus pages.
  • Questions to get families talking.
Sterling Children's Books says; "Where's Waldo meets the New Testament. A seek & find book featuring scenes from the New Testament of the Bible in bright, vivid color. Kids can search for Jesus in each scene as well as other symbols related to Jesus's life and scripture. Each scene also features text inspired by biblical scripture to explain the scene and impart a lesson."

Educational and fun - I Found Jesus! is more than just a book. It is a tool which will get the children you love to look closely and focus upon the facts of Jesus' life on Earth. Great as a gift and as a book to have - and use - at your house.

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