Saturday, October 2, 2021

Book Review - The Little Spacecraft That Could

The other day I received a box of books from Sterling Children's Books and today I am very happy to let you know about one of the books in the box - the Little Spacecraft That Could by Joyce Lapin and illustrated by Simona Ceccarelli.

Favorite Features -

  • I love all the information in this little book about Pluto.
  • I learned so much about Pluto - I didn't know it has a "heart" on it, or how it shares its atmosphere with one of it's moons.
  • The illustrations and photos are detailed, colorful, and excellent.
  • Children will be so excited to learn so many interesting things about Pluto!
Sterling Children's Books says; "Ride along with the New Horizons spacecraft as she rockets three billion miles to Pluto! Watch her take the first close-up photos of Pluto, and then journey another billion miles to mini-world Arrokoth. You’ll whiz through space at more than 10 miles per second; learn how giant planet Jupiter helped the little spacecraft reach Pluto; and discover the astonishing surface feature which made the world fall in love with Pluto."

My grandsons love science - especially space science, so I know they will love this book, but any child (or adult) will appreciate the opportunity to learn so many interesting things about our solar system - and about Pluto! The Little Spacecraft That Could is an excellent book to enjoy with the children you love.

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