Sunday, October 24, 2021

crafting with grandma . . . Beaded Safety Pin Pins!

I love beaded safety pin pins . . . they are so fun to make and fun to wear! My daughter made several pins for me when she was younger . . . I still have and wear them! So, I thought it would be fun to share a couple patterns with you! First though, the basics on making beaded safety pin pins . . . 

 Supplies -
  • safety pins
  • seed beads
  • needle-nose pliers
  • small, flat-head screwdriver
Directions -
  • select a pattern
  • determine the color and number of beads you'll need
  • determine the number and size of safety pins
  • follow your pattern to slide beads on each safety pin - be sure to pay attention to the direction the pins will hang, so you do not load the beads on backward
  • after you load beads on a pin, you may want to use the pliers to "pinch" the end of the pin so the pin does not accidentally open and the beads fall off
  • line your pins up in the order they need to be for the pattern you chose
  • use your screwdriver to slightly ply apart the coil at one end of your larger safety pin
  • one at a time - and in order of your pattern - slip the loop of a pin onto the larger pin, around the coil and up the other side of the pin. 
  • do this with each small pin
  • when all your pins are on the larger pin, use your pliers to pinch the coil so it is tight and your pin is ready to wear!
Have fun making pins with your grandchildren! They could make them to give as gifts to teachers, parents, friends or just to brighten the day of someone they know who needs to have their day brightened! Help your grandchildren learn to pay attention and notice when others need to be encouraged . . . this is unfortunately a rare thing in this day and age, but we can help our grandchildren learn to be people with tender hearts who show love to others!

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