Tuesday, October 12, 2021

crafting with grandma - Minimal Sew, No Crochet, No Knit Infinity Scarves!

 Over the years I've been writing grandma's cookie jar, I've shared a number of crochet patterns with you - since I enjoy crocheting! From time to time, some of you have commented about how you like the patterns, but do not crochet; so, this one today is for you! A great idea for making no sew, no knit, no crochet infinity scarves which you can keep and give as gifts!

I found this idea on Pinterest and basically, all you have to do is buy a few scarves, or check through your stash of scarves, add a few buttons and voila! You'll have beautiful, warm, stylish infinity scarves to keep and give as gifts!

This pattern is so easy, it is a great project to involve your grandchildren in making scarves to give as gifts and/or to give to a scarf drive for those in need! You'll find all the specifics at this link - all you need are scarves, buttons and a bit of yarn to attach the buttons - yes, I do consider it to take a minimal amount of sewing as you will be attaching the buttons, but it is a very minimal amount of sewing!


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