Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Crochet Some Cozy Slippers

When I was eight my grandma gave me a, "learn to crochet" kit for Christmas. So, after Christmas I walked down the street to her house for her to teach me to crochet. My hands would not cooperate, so being an obnoxious eight-year old, I told her, "I hate crocheting and crocheting is for old people." This did not make my grandma very happy. I never thought again about crocheting until 20 years later when I saw a cute pattern I wanted to make. So, I asked my sister to show me how to crochet - which she did - and now I crochet a lot! Occasionally my husband asks me; "Now, who did you say crocheting was for?!!!"

Yes, indeed, now I am a person who crochets, and I love finding patterns for things to make. A while back I was browsing on Pinterest when I found a pattern for slippers . . . which you will find at this link!

Consider grabbing some yarn and make these cozy slippers for the people you love - could make a wonderful Christmas gift for sure!

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