Friday, October 8, 2021

grandma's chuckles - "I Look Rediculeeous!"

Image result for clipart for cowboy heartsSix years ago I shared the following with you - it brought a smile to my face this morning when I remembered it, so I'm sharing it again.

"On Wednesdays I pick my grandsons up from school, hang out with them, and then take them to my church for the mid-week children's program . . . Kids 'N Action. This program has a bit of a Western 'flair' and children work through the Book of James in five years (one chapter a year) memorizing each chapter and learning about how they can put their faith into action.

Caleb is four years old, so he is in the 'Little Kids 'N Action' group; this Wednesday, each of the children in this group were given a cowboy hat. As we walked to our car after I picked him up, I said; 'Caleb, you look cool in your cowboy hat!' To which Caleb - in a flat, serious tone - replied; 'I do not look cool. I look rediculeeous.' 

It took every ounce of self-control I had to not bust up laughing, but I calmly said; 'You do not look ridiculous, you look very nice and cool.'

At this point we were outside and Caleb said; 'I do not look nice or cool, I look rediculeeous; and my shadow looks rediculeeous, too.' His shadow!!!! I smiled (laughing my head off inside) and said; 'Well, I think you look wonderful and definitely not rediculeeous!'

Apparently, my sweet Caleb is not a fan of cowboy hats, but his grandma is absolutely a fan of him! He makes my heart happy!

What are some of the things your grandchildren say which makes your heart happy?

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