Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Good Shepherd

I have another game to share with you today from Bible Games Central - The Good Shepherd for ages six and up.

Favorite Features -

  • Simple card game
  • Encourages taking turns, good sportsmanship, strategy, and learning about the Good Shepherd
Bible Games Central says; "In this super easy-to-learn game, players must try to get the highest scoring Sheep Cards and Pasture Cards. But watch out! Other players will be looking to “Wolf” your cards and “Stampede” your hand. Will you have a Shepherd to protect your flock?"

This is a game the entire family will enjoy - and is a fun tool to use to generate conversations about how God has shown Himself to be your Good Shepherd in the past and today as well. Learn more about it at this link and receive a coupon code you may use on GAMES20 This gives you a 20% storewide discount and expires on Dec 10 2021.

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