Sunday, October 3, 2021

Unless We Pass it On

Faith is something which is living and active; which means if we are going to hand it to the generations who come behind us, we have to actively be focused and intentional about doing so. It will not "just happen" on its own.

So, we grandparents must decide what matters most to us. If traveling, spending time on new experiences, going places with friends, relaxing in warm places or enjoying the "good life" are what matters most, we run the very real risk of not handing confident faith to our children and grandchildren.

If, however; we are willing to invest our time with our children and grandchildren, are there for them as they go through life, take the opportunities we have to connect, are intentional about sharing how God is working in our lives, plan specific times to hand down confident faith, and live our faith in the blessings and the "meanwhiles" of life, then we are grandparents who will be able to hand down confident faith.

This quote by Wayne Rice from his book; Long-Distance Grandparenting is absolutely true. Faith is not guaranteed to be handed down - unless we are focused on what matters most; unless we are intentional about handing it down. Be intentional. Do what matters most. Hand down confident faith.

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