Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Centuro Mini - THE Mobility Scooter for You & Those You Love

Last week I received a special delivery which I am happy to tell you about today. Bischoff & Bischoff (one of Europe's largest manufacturers of rollators and mobility scooters) sent me their Centuro Mini. Today I am very happy to let you know about this excellent mobility scooter and in a week or so I will tell you about how easy it is to use. 

It actually took less than one minute to assemble the Centuro Mini as there are only four parts and they go right together. It also takes less than one minute to disassemble the Centuro Mini - and the four parts (plus a basket) will easily fit into a trunk or back of a vehicle - meaning you do not need a special trailer to transport this mobility scooter!

I am so impressed with the design, quality, and attention to detail in the Centuro Mini. It has a rechargeable battery, and a pouch on the back of the seat which makes a great place to store your charging cables. The driving handle is simple to use, you will be very happy to find a charging port for your phone on the handle, and a basket is included to carry items as well. The seat is comfortable and adjustable in height and position so you will be able to comfortably drive the Centuro Mini.

I have MS and have not been able to go places if there is a fair amount of walking involved, but now I will be able to go pretty much anywhere - I'm going to our local botanical gardens with my family in a week and a half and look forward to using the Centuro Mini there. The Centuro Mini is far more than just a mobility scooter - it is opportunity - opportunity to get out and go places, opportunity to build memories with the ones you love, opportunity to be part of the lives of the ones you love, opportunity to explore new places, and so much more! 

If you are looking for a mobility scooter for you or for someone you love, the Centuro Mini is absolutely the scooter worthy of a closer look to see if it is the scooter for you! If you live in Europe, you are able to get this scooter. If you live in the USA, it will be a few months before it is available here, but please check out their website at this link and feel free to contact them at this link for more details (doing this will help it become available here sooner, so please contact them!)

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