Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Make it a Thanksgiving to Remember


In just a couple days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving - although this year once again nearly all of us may end up celebrating as if we were all grandparents separated by distance due to covid. While this may be a very different and difficult thing for many, it is still an opportunity for us to model grace, joy, peace, and obedience - and in so doing teach very important messages . . . especially if we do this with some creativity, imagination, and fun! Consider the following .

  • Use your tech to enjoy your dinner together - from a distance through zoom, google meet, facebook, etc. Put your tech at your dinner table, connect and enjoy the conversations as you all eat your Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Send a package today filled with items to help your family focus upon the many blessings you have - even with covid. You could include journals, pens, a blessings jar, a thankful Thanksgiving tablecloth, and of course - some of your cookies!
  • Be sure to take and share photos!
  • Pray about the thing you should share as everyone talks about what they are thankful about - give it thought, prayer, consideration.
  • Use tech to play a game together, decorate your Christmas trees, to connect after the meal and build memories.
  • And, if you are able to gather together - make it a fantastic time together - even if you have to wear masks - certainly a small price to pay to spend time with the ones you love.
These are just a few ideas of ways you are able to connect this Thanksgiving - even from a distance. Yes, for many this will be a different, and difficult Thanksgiving, but it is also possible for it to be a wonderful Thanksgiving. Don't miss it. Plan for it. Pray for it. Make it a Thanksgiving to remember! 

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