Saturday, December 18, 2021

grandma's DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Car Ideas for Boys!

I do not have any granddaughters, so doll houses and paper dolls are just not things which will work for me. My grandsons loved cars, trucks . . . and of course, one-eyed monsters when they were younger, so when I was browsing on Pinterest and found a link for Car ideas, I thought I'd share what I found with you. I'm happy to say there are several great DIY ideas you can use for the boys in your life!

Just check the links and you'll find all the info you need to make the following items . . .

    stuff for toddlers
  • Car Crayons . . . you can make crayons in lots of fun shapes - all you need are broken crayons and candy molds! Follow this link for the details and make the boys in your life their own fun crayons!
  • Milk Carton Fire Station . . . how much fun could little boys have with a three-bay fire station?!!! Follow this link for the details and get ready for sirens, fire-fighting, and fun!
  • Up-cycled Mat Roadway . . . my grandsons had a roadway carpet and they LOVED it! You can make one with a simple door mat and colorful tape! Follow this link for all the details, add a few small cars and you have a gift boys are sure to love!
  • Diaper-box Fire Truck . . . my grandsons LOVED to climb into boxes and pretend they were all kinds of things . . . what can't a box become? Clearly a box is NOT just a box! Follow this link and you'll find all the directions to turn a box into a firetruck which children are sure to LOVE!

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