Sunday, January 16, 2022

Fun Printable Valentines . . . Paper Airplanes & Paper Dolls!

I remember Valentine's Day when I was a child . . . we always made a card box, choose or made cards and gave them to everyone in my class. Children still do this today and there are no shortage of cards available for parents to buy for their children to give to their classmates. But, maybe it would be fun to give something unique; something special, something fun instead . . . printable paper airplanes and paper dolls!

I found a link for paper airplane Valentines which you can print, sign and give! Little boys - and even little girls - would love these Valentines for sure! Follow the link and you'll find a free printable which you can download.

I thought maybe it would be fun to provide a link for Valentine's paper dolls as well and found the following link

So, grab some paper, freshen up your ink and print your own Valentines for your grandchildren to use this year!

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