Monday, January 31, 2022

grandma's cookbook - Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Hearts!

I have been a "fan" of rice krispie treats since I was a child. I, of course, have been a "fan" of chocolate . . . probably from birth! :-) So, when I found this recipe on  Pinterest for Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Hearts . . . well, of course I had to share it with you . . . and make plans for my grandsons to make some, too!

Just follow this link for the recipe and get ready for some chocolate rice krispie fun! This could be a great item for your grandchildren to make and then take to neighbors, the church secretary, janitor, teachers at school, the secretaries at school, the school janitor, their friends . . . well, to anyone whose day would be brightened with a chocolate rice krispie heart! Of course this would be anyone and everyone! Enjoy! :-)

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