Tuesday, January 25, 2022

just for fun - It Is Observe the Weather Day . . . Have Some Fun Doing So!

Today is, Observe the Weather Day . . . I know, if you live in Michigan - or in most of the East half of the country - the weather is something you may rather not observe! We are having even more cold and more snow . . . observing it is not particularly enjoyable. However; it is winter and winter is cold and snowy, so I suppose it is doing what it should.

So, since it is, Observe the Weather Day, I looked on-line for ideas which would let us have fun observing the weather, because honestly, observing more cold and snow is not really very fun! Happily, I found some - I especially think the idea of throwing boiling water out the door and blowing frozen bubbles could be interesting . . . what could be more fun on a cold and snowy day?!!! Just follow this link . . . you'll find at least one idea which looks interesting to you for a weather science project!

What idea do you like the best? Which activity might you try on, "Observe the Weather Day"?

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