Tuesday, January 18, 2022

just for fun - January is Brainteaser's Month!

Typically, I'm not great at brainteasers . . . my husband is, but I don't tend to "get them". However, since January is Brainteaser's Month, I thought I'd browse a bit on Pinterest and look for some Brainteasers, even I could "get" and then share them with you!

I found a few . . . if I can "get" them, they are likely ones your grandchildren will enjoy, so . . . here they are . . . 

  • I figured out four of these for sure; since I do not play golf, I'm not sure about the golf one, but think it is, two under par??? The CHANCE one is the one I do not know . . . what about you; can you figure all of these out? 

Brainteasers # 5 : Guess These Word Puzzles

  • Here is another one - can you figure this one out?

try this....#Brainteaser 

  • Okay, here is one more . . . 

Football Brainteaser

How did you do? Online it said, "Studies have shown that regular use of brainteasers helps protect against Alzheimers Disease. While the origins of Brainteaser Month are unclear, it’s a great reminder to make sure you keep working your grey matter and keep yourself healthy."

Try these brainteasers with your grandchildren . . . maybe even see if you can make some of your own! Enjoy!

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