Thursday, February 24, 2022

Confidence in Uncertainty


The news today is disturbing - and heartbreaking. As we watch what is happening in Ukraine we, and the ones we love, certainly may feel fear, uncertainty, or apprehension. We need to be praying for the people in Ukraine and invite the ones we love to join with us in doing so.

But, in spite of the uncertainty facing the world, aren't we so thankful no matter what happens around us and in our own lives we are able to be absolutely certain God NEVER changes! He loved us all yesterday, He loves us all today, He will love us all tomorrow. He has a plan. Nothing takes Him by surprise. As we pray for the people in Ukraine, we are also able to pray through this people will be drawn to God. We are able to have confidence in God, no matter what.

Take time to talk with your grandchildren about how they are able to always depend upon God. Consider starting a tradition where each time you see or talk to each other, you share one way God has showed His love to you - even if, or especially when - there is so much uncertainty in the world around us. Keep a record of God's "fingerprints" in your lives.

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