Thursday, February 3, 2022

crafting with grandma - I Love You in Sign Language!

Valentine's Day is getting near, so if you are looking for a craft idea which you could try with your grandchildren, look at this fun idea I found on  Pinterest . . . and a big plus is it works for any age of grandchild!

All you have to do is trace a hand and then roll two fingers down for the "I Love You" sign used in Sign Language. Include a simple message in the heart and if your grandchild is old enough to write their name, have them sign it!

These "I Love You" hands would be fun to give on a stick or straw in a vase with flowers, or, if you are able to "shrink" the hand, you could make a pin by mounting it on cardstock or cardboard and adding a pin to the back. You might be able to coat the smaller handprint with a clear epoxy to make a pin or charm for a necklace . . . this is an idea I'd love to try, so I will have to look into it further! Have any of you ever used a clear epoxy which might work for something like this?

What do you think? What might you do with an, "I Love You" hand-print?

(If you have your grandchildren make the "I Love You" sign with their own hand, and then tip their hand forward, still making the sign, it becomes "Airplane" in sign language! If they are making the "Airplane" sign and take their middle finger and cross it over their pointer finger, their "Airplane" will become a "Jet Plane" in sign language! Just a little fun info for you.)

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