Thursday, February 17, 2022

First Nations Projects

My daughter has a degree in Anthropology and is pursuing a calling into work translating the Bible into languages where there is not already Bibles. She gave me three books from the First Nations Project where they are translating the Bible for Indigenous Peoples/Native Americans. I am so impressed with the work going into this project so I want to share it with you.

When the Great Spirit Walked Among Us - Four Gospels One Story
Retold by Terry M. Wildman
Birth of the Chosen One 
Retold by Terry M. Wildman
Illustrated by - Ramone Romero
Walking the Good Road: The Gospels and Acts with Ephesians - First Nations Version
Publisher - Great Thunder Publishing

Favorite Features - 
  • Powerful retelling of Scripture.
  • Exciting project to get Scripture in the hands and into the hearts of First Nations Peoples
Great thunder Publishing says; "When the Great Spirit Walked Among Us retells the story of the Gospels from one great oral storytelling tradition to another. With the feel of the indigenous oral storytellers, Terry Wildman captures the beauty and cadence of an oral story in written form.  Imagine the story of Jesus from four different Gospels combined into a single narrative and retold for Native Americans and all English speaking First Nations Peoples. The surprise felt by many, even those who have no Native American heritage, is the profound effect on the reader. Hearing the familiar story told with a different voice, an indigenous voice, opens a world of wonderful insights and meanings. This is an elegant retelling of the Gospel story which is sure to engage and excite a broad spectrum of readers. To honor and show the beauty of the Native American tradition, all the names are translated by their original language meaning, and so Abraham is Father Of Many Nations, Jesus is Creator Sets Free, and Peter is Stands On The Rock. This is the second book of the First Nations Version Project by this author. 

Walking the Good Road: The Gospels and Acts with Ephesians has no single author, rather it is a collaborative effort of the First Nations Version Translation Council. The First Nations Version was first envisioned by Terry M. Wildman and with the help of and Wycliffe Associates has expanded into a collaborative effort including First Nations/Native Americans from over 25 tribes and growing. This book is the second publication of the First Nations Version of the New Testament; a translation in English by First Nations/Native Americans, for First Nations/Native Americans. This project was birthed out of a desire to provide an English Bible which connects, in a culturally sensitive way, the traditional heart languages of the over six million English-speaking First Nations people of North America. The First Nations Version Translation Council has been selected from a cross-section of Native North Americans-elders, pastors, young adults and men and women from differing tribes and diverse geographic locations. This council also represents a diversity of church and denominational traditions to minimize bias. For more information visit

Listen to the Christmas Story Again for the First Time! A book for children of all ages. This is the story of the birth of Jesus retold for Native Americans and other English speaking First Nations peoples.This is the first book of the First Nations Version Project by Terry M. Wildman. The First Nations Version is a retelling of the Sacred Book of the Bible following the oral tradition of the indigenous storytellers. Full color illustrations by Ramone Romero."

Whether you get these books for yourself, to open your understanding of Scripture, or to share with your grandchildren, definitely do so as you will find they are; "an elegant retelling of the Gospel story". And, while you are at it, share with your grandchildren how there is a need to share Jesus with the  First Nations People in our country; add them to your prayer list.

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