Sunday, February 20, 2022

Fresh, Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Last evening I started making this recipe for cinnamon rolls - they put them in the refrigerator to wait for this morning. They are now rising - in about 30 minutes they will go in my oven. So, it won't be long before my house fills with the aroma of baking cinnamon rolls - a wonderful way for my grandsons to wake up this morning for sure!

I am happy to share the recipe with you - you will find it at this link. I am not a fan of cream cheese, so I'm making a different icing - you will find it at this link - and my grandsons will be able to add whatever amount of icing they want to their own cinnamon rolls.

It just seemed to me it would be a nice thing on this cold morning for my grandsons to wake up to warm, fresh from the oven, cinnamon rolls . . . hopefully this is something they enjoy today and will remember!

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