Friday, February 4, 2022

Get Ready for February 15th!

I know I write this every year, but it is a good reminder and, in case you are new to grandma's cookie jar - great info to have as a grandma, for sure! Valentines Day is a week from Monday . . . as you know. It is an opportunity to create special memories with things like giving your grandchildren Valentine's Day cards, having a special Heart Hunt (hide hearts in your home or outside - weather permitting - and let the grandchildren find them) giving small gifts, or making and decorating heart cookies together. Certainly a fun day to celebrate - especially with grandchildren!

But, for all the fun February 14th brings, don't forget the wonderful opportunities which are possible on February 15th . . . yes, February 15th! And what, "opportunities" might these be? Well, the opportunity to stock up on sweet heart-shaped treats, because on February 15th the Valentine's Day candies go on sale!

This year February 14th is on a Monday, so mark your calendar for Tuesday, February 15th and plan to visit your favorite store . . . just think of all the fun things you could do over the coming months with heart-shaped lollipops, heart-shaped chocolates, heart-shaped conversation candies, extra Valentine's cards (surprise your grandchildren all year long by mailing them a Valentine's Day card!), etc. 

So, enjoy February 14th, but don't forget February 15th!

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