Friday, February 18, 2022

just for fun . . . Frozen Science Fun!

Fall in love with Science this Winter with these AMAZING experiments for kids. So many fun ideas I can't wait to try them all!:So far, winter where I live in West Michigan, has not been horribly cold and/or snowy. While I prefer to live where it gets cold for at least some time each year, I am not particularly a cold-weather-person. Why is this, you ask? I appreciate how cold kills and repels large creepy-crawlies and things like large snakes and gators! I endure the cold for a few months each year, because I know it has a purpose!

This current winter has been about as close to "perfect" - in my opinion - as it can be . . . cold enough to do what I want, but not too cold and snowy to make driving difficult. I'd like snow much more if it stayed in the yard and off the road!

At any rate, this weekend is supposed to be cold and snowy so, it seems like it will be the perfect weekend to engage my grandsons in some fun, cold weather science projects! I found a link with some really "cool" and cool/cold projects when I was browsing on Pinterest. (And even if you live somewhere warm, you can still do the project to "grow" ice!)

Frozen Bubbles ~ Winter science experiment.  Lots of tips and tricks for how to create frozen bubbles.Follow this link and you'll find links for 16 fun cold projects . . . I think we will try the Frozen Bubbles, the project to Make Ice Grow, and a second project for making lots of Frozen Bubbles! While we have all this cold, frozen "fun", we will talk about how thankful we are for the amazing world God created . . . one where bubbles freeze and they can "grow" ice!

Which projects might you try? Enjoy!

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