Thursday, February 17, 2022

just for fun - It is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Image result for random acts of kindness day clipartWhile I encourage my grandsons to focus on being kind to others every day, since today is, "Random Acts of Kindness Day", it seems like a great time to remind them to be kind and to think of ways they can be kind to others. It is all about finding small ways to make a difference and in doing so, to also put a smile on someone else's face!

Take time today to talk about things the ones you love are able to do to be kind . . . things like . . . 
  • Share with each other.
  • Pray for your family and friends.
  • Help mom without being asked.
  • Make an I love you card for their parents.
  • Make a picture to brighten their parent's day.
  • Pose for a silly picture to will email their parents.
  • Look for opportunities at school to say something to brighten the day of others - encourage a friend who does well on a project/test, encourage a friend who does not do as well, thank a teacher, smile, etc.
These are just a few ways you could encourage your grandchildren to be intentional about being kind to others. Be sure to remind them while a "holiday" which focuses upon being kind is fun, God's Word tells us when we love, know, and walk with Him, we will have His fruit in our lives and one way this shows, is by being kind!

So, have fun thinking of ways to be kind today . . . and every day! Enjoy!

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