Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Let's Make a Flying Dragon Puppet!

Now THIS looks fun!As you have probably noticed, I enjoy browsing from time to time on Pinterest! What a great site for ideas to inspire creativity! Well, this morning I saw a fun, simple idea for making a "Flying Dragon Puppet" and had to share it with all of you! If you follow the link you'll find a picture tutorial with step-by-step directions for this fun and colorful craft made from simple, inexpensive supplies! 

This dragon is fun to make and fun to play with, so have fun making one with your grandchildren! (Would also make an amazing craft for children to make at a birthday party!) As you make it with your grandchildren, talk with them about all the colors - ask them what their favorite color is. Have fun sharing your favorite animal or food which is your favorite color and thank God for creating colors and so many wonderful, colorful things in this world for us to enjoy!

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