Monday, February 7, 2022

Snow Day!

We live in Michigan and my grandsons are hoping for another snow day . . . not likely to happen this week, but it is Michigan, so it is possible they will have another one before winter ends.

So, on a cold, snowy day . . . or any day . . . what might you do with the children you love? Consider some of the following ideas . . .
  • Try blowing ice bubbles! Take some bubbles outside and carefully blow bubbles. If it is cold enough, and if there is somewhere for the bubbles to land - like on a railing or branch or a bush - they will freeze into ice bubbles! If you try this and are able to get ice bubbles, be sure to take photos!
  • Bake cookies! Any time is a fun time to bake cookies, but on a cold, snowy snow day, cookie baking is a warm, wonderful and tasty activity!
  • Share some of the cookies you baked with your neighbor.
  • Play Lego Challenge. Make cards with challenges on them . . . such as, build something using only yellow lego bricks, or build a car, or build something six inches high and four inches wide, etc. Again, have a camera handy and take photos!
  • Read your favorite books.
  • Write your own story book . . . and illustrate it!
  • Facetime grandma, but why not on a snow day!!!
These are just a few ideas. What would you do on a snow day?

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