Friday, February 25, 2022

The Air We Breathe

I tend not to wonder or think about things like the air we breathe and the percentages of the "ingredients" such as nitrogen, oxygen, in it. But, when I read the following  information about the air, I was amazed! Did you know . . .

The air we live in is the perfect combination and perfect balance.  At 79% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, it is perfectly fit for you to breathe . . . so we can live! If the nitrogen and oxygen in our air were divided in half with each other, we would all die immediately due to having too much nitric oxide. If there was slightly less nitrogen we would laugh our heads off all the time . . . and sound like the Chipmunks when we talk because our air would be the same as laughing gas! God knew exactly what we need and He designed it perfectly.

Have fun sharing this, "air info" with your grandchildren!

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