Tuesday, February 22, 2022

What Do I Want My Life to Count For?

We all want our lives to matter, but for us to live lives which matter and for us to leave a legacy which will never die, we have to make wise choices between what does not last and those things which are the most significant things we are able to do with the time we are given. We need to know what we want our life to count for and then seek out the things we are able to do, so we are certain to leave a lasting legacy.

I believe Jesus gives us the perfect example of what it looks like and takes for us to identify the significant opportunities before us which enable us to live a life which counts and leave a legacy which never dies. Jesus understood His purpose and "job". He knew this even when He was a young child. Look at Luke 2:41-52 when He went missing on a family trip to Jerusalem. It took three days for His parents to find Him, but He had been in the Temple the entire time. He asked His parents why they needed to search for Him and why didn't they know He needed to be in His Father's House. Jesus knew He had a purpose and He wanted to make His time on Earth count.

Later in Mark 8:31,32 He clearly told His disciples what His purpose was and again in Matthew 16:23 He was steadfast in not allowing Himself to be deterred from the reason He was here. Jesus understood His purpose and "job". He identified significant opportunities for Him to draw people to Him (just read through the Gospels to see all the opportunities He took to do this) and lived His life on Earth so it counted and He was able to leave a lasting legacy.

We need to understand God has a purpose for us as well. Deuteronomy 6 is very clear about how He wants us to hand down confident faith to the generations who follow us. God provides us with significant opportunities for us to do as He has asked us to do - whether our grandchildren live near or far and are young or old. We just need to plan for opportunities to hand down confident faith and watch for unplanned opportunities as well. Then we need to take them. Just because we are older, and getting older each day, we do not need to stop handing down confident faith. This is the time for us to push forward, look for those significant opportunities and do what counts by taking those opportunities and leaving a legacy which never dies.

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