Thursday, March 3, 2022

Be a Grandma with Joy & Laugh Lines

Today I'm remembering how a few years ago my grandsons and I were talking about the Fruit of the Spirit when my then nine-year old grandson said he thinks of his poppa and I when he thinks of the word "joy"; my then six and four year old grandsons agreed! This was one of the most wonderful things anyone has ever said about me!

While we certainly want our lives to reflect the love of God, reflecting the joy is also extremely important. And, when we are people who show joy; who are quick to smile and laugh, who consistently greet our grandchildren with a smile on our face and a twinkle in our eyes, our grandchildren will be pointed to God. Why wouldn't they want a life of joy? And, why wouldn't we want our grandchildren to not just see us as people who live joy, but to remember us as such!

In this life our grandchildren will see no shortage of angry, cranky people; don't let them put you in this category. No! Live so you are firmly in the joy "category". Live a life of joy, because, sometimes the face of God comes with laugh lines!   

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