Monday, March 28, 2022

Connect - Hand Down Confident Faith & Have Fun - "Stained Glass" Windows

There are just twenty days until Resurrection Sunday and if you are looking for a fun and special way to celebrate with family, friends, and neighbors, consider the following idea. A couple years ago a friend shared a terrific link she found on a facebook page (Easter Egg Hunt 2020 with Social Distancing) for one of the most wonderful ideas I have ever seen to help our grandchildren celebrate Resurrection Sunday. Today I am very happy to share it with you, so you have time to gather the supplies and use with or send to your grandchildren. You will need . . .

  • Crayola washable paint in a variety of colors.
  • Painter's tape
  • Paint brushes
  • Dawn dish soap
Directions . . .
  • Mix the paint with a drop of soap and a tiny bit of water.
  • Use the tape to make your "stained glass" designs on your window.
  • Let children paint. (You may need to do a couple coats if you want it to be a darker color.)
  • Allow time to dry.
  • Remove tape.
  • Enjoy!
This project will wipe away with a damp cloth when you are ready to remove it. Involving your grandchildren (or children) in a project to make their own "stained glass windows" is a fun way for children to make a design to help them celebrate and worship Jesus for what He did on the cross. (Do check with parents to get the okay for this before you send them the supplies.) Ask your grandchildren to make a design, and their parents to take photos for you. Then when you receive the photos, call them and talk together about the design they made and how they are using it to celebrate and worship Jesus.

This is a simple, creative and fun way to connect with your grandchildren and celebrate this Resurrection Sunday - whether you are able to do so together or apart.

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